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Evie Dawson

I'm Evie - your Coach :)

I get women into the best shape of their lives, without restriction or compromising their social lives.

I strive to empower you, and have you feeling the most confident you EVER have. 

If you want to make sustainable progress, build confidence, learn to make better food choices AND be surrounded by a community of empowering women, apply now.

Online coaching is a commitment between the coach and the client. It requires effort from both parties, working with a mutual understanding to get you to your goals. 

 It is far more personal than workout plans, you receive a personal trainer in your pocket to motivate and guide your every move.

Personalized science-based training program built from scratch to suit your specific needs, goals, injuries, equipment (if from home), and lifestyle. This includes as many revisions as is needed to perfect the plan.

Bespoke nutrition (calories & macros) created to fit your goals and lifestyle. Also includes a nutrition document explaining calories and macronutrient as well as supplement recommendations.

Personalized and In-Depth Check-Ins weekly - allowing for continuous measurement and reviewing of your progress against your goals. This will aid accountability and keep you motivated.

Mobility, sleep, and lifestyle recommendations to help improve your overall lifestyle and maximize results.


App access to track your workouts, lifts, rest times, review progression and schedule it all out on the exclusive calendar. In addition, the app provides you with workout descriptions, form guides, and videos of the movement to follow.

Exclusive access to a Facebook group, which includes but not limited to informative posts, meal ideas, and weekly challenges. This is where the Q&A is hosted.

Weekly Q+A with me in the group chat whereby clients can ask all questions from the science of glute building, understanding of caffeine, or how to improve your sleep. This is a huge opportunity for you to learn. 

Exclusive access to a client group chat over Whatsapp, giving you the opportunity to meet like-minded women and engage in our empowering community.

24/7 Whatsapp support. Whether you need help with an exercise, an injury, or a general chit-chat about life, stress, or relationships. I am available 24/7 and guarantee a reply within 24 hours (usually within a few hours at most!). 



@eviedcoaching & @_eviedawson 


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